Wednesday, 30 October 2013

N.G.C 6053

N.G.C 6503
Constellation - Draco
Spiral galaxy
Distance 17MLy
Mag 10.19

Date 30/10/13
Seeing - Antoniadi II
Transparency - 2/5
SQM 21.15 (LM 6.1)

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP - 10mm Delos  x189 TFoV 0˚22

Sketch notes
Faint oval with maybe a very slightly brighter core but no obvious detail to spiral arms. 'May' of seen slight mottling of arms but not confident enough to record it.
Poor transparency shows in low SQM reading for this site.
The sketch is a little messy on the left hand side, I was so engrossed in observing I didn't notice the heavy clouds and got caught in a shower!

Thursday, 24 October 2013

NGC 457

N.G.C 457 / C13 / The Owl cluster
Constellation - Cassiopeia
Open Cluster
Distance 7.9kly
Mag 6.4

Date 23/10/13
Seeing - Antoniadi II
Transparency - Good
SQM 20.1 (LM 5.5)

Telescope - 16" f/4.5
EP - 11mm ES x172 TFoV 0.28

Sketch notes
Very easy find and quite a bright cluster even from home with moderate LP.
I expected to see two bright stars making up the owls eyes, maybe they are there and I just lack the imagination to see them but personally I'm going to notch this up as another objects with an asterism I cant see!