Sunday, 19 January 2014

Jupiter 18/1/2014

Once again my clear skies coincided with 'the boring side' of Jupiter which turned out to be no so boring after all, there wasn't a ton of detail to show but I packed up feeling confident that what detail was on show I managed to record but maybe there isn't actually very much to see at the longitudes? Time will tell when I compare my sketch to some images later today.

Sketch notes

Both polar regions showed roughly the same contrast and brightness.

The NNTB was faint and merged with the NPR.

Two dark patches of festoons either side of the CM with one large hooked shape festoon branching out into the EZ..

The SEB showed a diagonal strip which stopped before reaching the SEBn/SEBs.

Dark oval spotted on the STB(?).

Monday, 13 January 2014

Jupiter 13/1/14

Once again tough conditions last night around AIII.

Very little was seen in the northern hemisphere, the NNTB and NTB merged then split all be it faintly.

I had trouble again actually seeing the size and extent of the festoons on the NEB, none of them appeared detached but I've just received a wratten15 filter today to maybe that will help next time?

Its probably my imagination but the SEB seemed quite dark, there was definitely lots going on in there specially towards the preceding limb.

Only twice did I get a glimpse of a white oval on the SSTB, the whole area just behind that seemed darker almost like there was something else there but it just didn't want to show.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Jupiter 11/1/2014

Once again I struggled with Jupiter last night but stuck at it and made the sketch anyway.

The whole area from the SPR to the STB appeared as a grey mist, only once did I notice a hint of the SSTB.
On three occasions I noticed a white oval on the STB, that was a first for me so I'm quite happy with that!
No real detail in the SEB, it seemed to darken and bulge in a couple places.
The festoons on the NEB teased me again. I keep seeing sketches of great sweeping festoons and I haven't seen anything like it yet, anyway...I sketched what I saw which was three dark bulges. I've ordered a couple filters to try an help for next time.
The NTB and NNTB were very obvious with a couple dark rifts on each one.

Quite happy with how it went last night even with the poor conditions.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Jupiter 7/1/2014

2 hours on Jupiter last night, great to be out after all the horrendous weather we've been having!

Some notes to go with the sketch -

SPR was obvious all night, faint with nothing to show but the last time I viewed Jupiter was with my 16" with too much power (x189) so it was great to see an improvement on that.

The STB almost merged into the SPR at times, very little difference in contrast between these two areas.

The whole SEB area sucked me in all night, I found it hard to concentrate on other areas and this was mainly due to my eye constantly getting drawn to the large white oval which preceded the GRS. A dark almost brown colour separated the RSH to this white spot. Has this white oval got a name?

Moving back to system II and the NEB showed deep blue festoons although at the time of the sketch none of them reached out into the EQ like they did when I first started viewing 2 hours earlier.

The NTB had an almost wedge shape disappearing to almost nothing on the following limb.

Just as the GRS started to show the last traces of the NNTB slid off the preceding limb which left the NPR showing roughly the same contrast as the SPR.

I was very surprised to see actual colour on Jupiter last night, this happened only sat the earlier stages when seeing was AII but seeing dropped to AIII later and it went back to the usual various shades of grey.

2250 UT
CM 1 - 294
CM 2 -186
Alt 53˚
AII dropping to AIII
Skymax 180 with binoviewers x150 ish