Monday, 23 November 2015

Jupiter 23/11/15

My first observation of Jupiter this apparition was fairly successful given the fairly low altitude and small disk size of Jove.
Its also my first colour sketch of the planet, it could do with being a little cleaner but I still prefer it over my older graphite sketches.

Some notes to go with the sketch -
Both polar regions were a smooth grey colour.
The STB showed very little detail, maybe some darkening on each edge but was very hard to tell.
Great Red Spot showed an almost burnt orange colour, very different from the SEB.
A dark rift stretched 3/4 of the way across the SEBs with one large white oval from the wake of the GRS.
EZ was clear with no festoons.
NEB showed two separate blue patches with the shadow of Ganymede just crossing the CM on the NEBn.
The NTB was split on the preceding side and gradually getting fainter towards the following edge.

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