Monday, 23 November 2015

Mersenius D and Rimae Mersenius

Mersenius D and Rimae Mersenius
22/11/15 1930 UT
Phase 43.4˚
Lunation 11.02 days
Illumination 83%
Antoniadi II
305mm Orion Optics UK VX12L f/5.3 dobsonian - 7mm Pentax XW x227

Scanning along the terminator my eye was caught by a fairly small crater just off Mare Humorum.
A jet black crater with a tangle of local Rimae and craterlets was just too enticing to pass up so out came the pastels!
The upside down teardrop shaped crater of Mersenius D isn't large by any means large with a diameter of around 34km but it was the small rimae around it which I really found fascinating as they weaved around a pockmarked surface. Even though seeing conditions were good I just didn't have time to record all the detail as the surface changed by the minute.
Rimae Mersenius is around 2km wide....A few weeks ago I sketched Crater Prinz and Rilles which had a similar effect on me that its just incredible that we can see this fine detail on objects so far away!!

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