Monday, 2 November 2015

NGC 7635 - The Bubble nebula

NGC 7635
Constellation Cassiopeia
Emission nebula
Distance 1400 Ly
Mag 11

Date 1/11/15
Transparency 4/10
SQM 21.45

Telescope 12" f/5.3
EP 14mm Delos x114 (TFoV 38')
Astronomic OIII filter

Sketch notes
This was the second attempt to observe this little nebula, a few weeks ago in near perfect transparency in nearly 21.6 skies I couldn't see it. Last night I observed from the same location with fairly poor transparency and the Bubble was clear to see?!!
The nebula appeared to curl itself around a central star, uniform brightness, a narrow point at one end widening and fading the further it went out.
I tried both NPB and OIII filters, the OIII seemed to pick out the fainter nebulosity slightly better.

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